Kate Stryker McManus

design  |  creative coding  |  data visualization

T-Minus 8 Hours

We designed and developed Loop, a prototype for NASA Integration Engineers to improve decision-making during launch countdown. Loop communicates critical events, reduces cognitive limitations inherent to listening to several audio channels at once, and presents relevant information.

Vijks; Visualizing the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam made their artwork digitally accessible to the public through its API. Equipped with d3.js and Kairos facial recognition, we implemented 4 novel ways for users to experience the museum's iconic paintings remotely.

Evolving Meanings
& Usage of Words

Throughout American history, there have never been single meanings of the words “progressive” and “radical.” Looking through the lens of the New York Times, we explored the evolution of these words and what it reveals about our country's values and culture over time.

Cyber Resilience Infographics

Clients came to Stroz Friedberg when faced with cyber attacks. Consultants analyzed digital traces to determine how the events unfolded. My role ensured that Digital Forensics experts could convey the story revealed by the complex, technical data accurately and compellingly to a wide spectrum of high-profile clients.

CISO Dashboard Prototype

This web application equips Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) with meaningful data that helps them assess the “health” of their network, specifically identifying threats and risks they face. The dashboard empowers them to make informed decisions.

Accepted Students Experience Redesign

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